17 year old Technology Company

Founded in 2004 we started a humble beginning, worked hard all the way to the top. We have faced various challenges but we remain strong. Focused on providing the best after sales and quality of products and services.


Constantly generating innovative ideas and solutions, assuming reasonable risks. Constantly seeking excellence in our products and services. Constantly helping businesses run intelligently.



The aim is to encourage, train and assist each of our staff whom we considered as partners to develop their capacities. To acknowledge the effort made by each of them and favor teamwork as the best means to achieve common objectives.

Community, Environment and Ethics

To work with our communities and environment as a technology company and practice ethics with a deep desire to develop and promote fairness in public policies and practices.

Mass media has been the blood mark of then young broadcast journalist Roy Bato, IBS President, who worked in radio and television media in Davao City during the 1990s. After managing a popular radio station soaring Davao airwaves, he decided to put himself up to greater challenges in print and broadcast media in Manila.

Having wide knowledge of the industry, he was invited to join the Publishers Association of the Philippines (PAPI) in 2000 as the PAPI President’s Chief-of-Staff.  Developing keen and precise interest to digital media, he began to explore and seize better opportunities in the Information Technology (IT) industry by continually educating and preparing himself with the appropriate tools in the field.      READ MORE

Our Vision

We strive to make all size of business grow and sustainable through innovation. To satisfy our customers, exceeding their expectations by means of permanent innovation, the quality of our products and an excellent service. Finally, to be the best place to work for people who share our passion.

Innovation at IBS

We at IBS continuously practice innovation as part of our company culture. Through collaboration with industry experts, colleagues in the industry and constant research and development (R&D) we make sure that we will always stay relevant, timely and advance.

Quality at IBS Worldwide Corp

Quality is critical to satisfying our clients and retaining their loyalty so they continue to trust our products and service in the future. We at IBS make sure we meet clients expectations and this is how we establish out reputation as a trusted technology provider in the Philippines.